A reliable and social partner

Alphatron is committed to supporting community projects and encourage development and innovation across various sectors. Alphatron sponsors a range of projects and initiatives in the fields of sports, art, education, and healthcare. 

For whom

We have a special focus
on the area of Rotterdam

  • Culture


    We support various cultural initiatives such as Hofplein Theater, the Delft Chamber Music Festival, the choir PA'dam, and the Stringendo Foundation.

  • Education


    For years, we have been wholeheartedly supporting the Foundation Werken als een Paard. They broaden the world of primary school children from deprived areas in Rotterdam, children with autism, students with special needs, and children in crisis shelters.

  • Healthcare


    Various medical organizations receive our support. Among these are: the Sophia Children's Hospital, the Erasmus MC, Foundation HUKAs, Ikazia Hospital, the Dutch Rheumatism Fund, and the National MS Foundation.

  • Sport


    Sport initiatives that we sponsor include the Esther Vergeer Foundation, Hoek van Holland Tennis Club, and Tour for Life.

Empowering youth to reach their potential in technology

Alphatron is also involved in educational projects to help young people reach their potential and prepare for future careers in technology. Sponsoring these projects is a way for Alphatron to give back to society and support the community in which they operate.


Sponsor projects

  • The magic of theater

    We introduce children in Rotterdam, whose parents have a limited resources, to the magic of theater.

  • Initiative Werken als een Paard

    We sponsor the initiative "Werken als een Paard," which supports children from Rotterdam who could use a helping hand.

  • Detection of skin cancer

    We contribute to scientific research on the early detection of skin cancer.


Rotterdam-based organizations we support

Get to know the local organizations and initiatives we assist and support in doing what they do best.
  • Werken als een Paard
  • Erasmus MC
  • Ikazia Ziekenhuis
  • MSfonds
  • Sophia Kinderziekenhuis
  • Esther Vergeer Foundation
  • Stringendo
  • Delft Chamber Music Festival