Investing with a human touch

At Alphatron, our entrepreneurial spirit fuels our pursuit of initiatives that positively impact people and the environment. We are dedicated to supporting startup entrepreneurs, helping them take the next steps in developing their businesses and achieving success.


Impact investments

  • Mama Taxi

    Mama Taxi is a social enterprise that embraces the diverse Rotterdam society, with a focus on people and the environment. Mama Taxi delivers profit and value.

  • Doh Eain

    Doh Eain preserves cultural heritage, improves public spaces, and organizes activities that connect people with places, using a user-centered, participatory approach.

  • StartDock

    We believe in the power of communities; successful entrepreneurship is done together! That's why we bring together a unique mix of like-minded entrepreneurs who inspire each other.

  • Future Food Fund

    A specialized venture capital fund for food and agriculture investing in companies in Western Europe that are transforming the food and agriculture value chain.

  • Aqua Spark

    Aqua Spark is a holding company of innovative, new solutions for some of the biggest challenges in aquaculture, supported by a growing group of global investors.

  • Resonandina

    A unique pay-per-use model for advanced, expensive new medical equipment and upgrades, adaptable to new or established medical centers, without significant capital investments.

  • Carbon Equity

    Carbon Equity

    Carbon Equity is a Fund-of-Fund platform that enables investors to invest in leading climate-tech focused venture capital and private equity funds.

  • Wire Fund

    Wire Fund

    Wire Group, a Dutch Fund-of-Funds, aims for impact investing, focused on a values-driven economy that contributes to well-being and harmony with nature and society.

  • 4Impact


    4Impact is a Dutch venture capital fund specializing in tech4good startups, with a focus on positive social and environmental impact in sectors such as energy and fintech.

  • Mentha Capital Impact Fund

    Mentha Capital Impact Fund

    The Mentha Capital Impact Fund is an innovative buy-out fund, established as the first impact buy-out fund in the Benelux region, specifically focused on investments in companies that contribute to climate and environmental goals.

  • Trill Impact

    Trill Impact

    Trill Impact is a leading impact investing firm based in Sweden. The fund focuses on investments in mid-sized companies, with a strong emphasis on achieving positive social and environmental impacts.

  • Magic Lane

    Magic Lane

    Magic Lane is a dutch company that provides lightweight, privacy-friendly mapping and navigation services, specifically designed for micro-mobility such as electric bikes and scooters, enhancing the accessibility and safety of urban environments.

Investment partner

Emilie Röell (Doh Eain)

"Alphatron has been fantastic in assisting us with both advice and action. Throughout uncertain times in Myanmar, they have always been there for us. I truly see Alphatron as a sustainable partner for the long term."

Investment partner

Michiel Lenstra (Wire Group)

"We are very pleased to have Alphatron as an investor in the Wire Thrive Fund. We find them to be a highly engaged investor with a strong impact ambition. We are proud to build a portfolio of impact funds on behalf of Alphatron."

Highlighted: Mama Taxi

Mama Taxi provides 100% electric taxi transport in Rotterdam and strives to empower Rotterdam women and women worldwide, to enhance their opportunities, rights, and economic independence. The Mama Taxi Foundation offers an intensive education program, where ethnic women with a clear distance from the labor market can further develop their skills and personal development. The ultimate goal is to form a powerful international community that changes the lives and future of women worldwide. Alphatron has assisted Mama Taxi, among other things, by taking over the lease cars and restructuring their balance sheet, thus providing Mama Taxi with a financially healthy starting position for its future.

Mama Taxi

Together, we work on
bold and sustainable growth.

  • Proactivity: seeing entrepreneurship, sustainability, opportunities, solutions, and innovation.
  • Participation: knowledge sharing, networking, mentoring, coaching, and collaboration.
  • Privacy: absolute confidentiality, discretion, and reliability.
  • Passion: involvement, development, and enthusiasm.
  • Professionalism: responsibility, risk perception, and high quality.

What does our involvement entail?

  • We can assist in obtaining additional capital and (supplementary) financing for further sustainable growth (autonomous or through acquisitions).
  • We aim for long-term value creation for all parties involved.
  • Our team provides active support to management during strategic decisions and critical moments, such as acquisitions or large-scale investments.