Alphatron Zorgverbinders

At Alphatron Care Connectors, we are dedicated to connecting people, processes, and systems. This commitment enhances healthcare in the Netherlands by swiftly and securely storing relevant medical images and data, ensuring their availability throughout the entire patient care journey. Additionally, we make medical images and data accessible for purposes such as scientific research, education, innovation, and policy-making.

  • Imaging: managing healthcare content

    Imaging: managing healthcare content

    From X-rays to ECGs, images are the largest data carriers in the hospital. Data play a significant role in healthcare, and that role is growing every day. So it's time to make data work for healthcare. We bring data from different systems and specialties together, enabling national collaboration between hospitals. Stop searching, start discovering.

  • Diagnostics: connecting patient care

    Diagnostics: connecting patient care

    The demand for healthcare is rising while the supply is scarce. This calls for smarter and more efficient healthcare, both now and in the future. Alphatron Medical Diagnostics digitizes diagnostics, ensuring that healthcare is possible and sustainable - anytime, anywhere; from the hospital to home. We do this together. Through co-creation, we integrate diagnostics with the care pathways of the hospital.