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Our solutions in visual communication and observation are visible with service providers in mobility. We strive for perfect integration and alignment with the needs of our clients. That makes us unique!

  • Video surveillance (CCTV)

    Video surveillance (CCTV)

    Alphatron Security Automotive has built extensive expertise thanks to years of experience. While there has always been a focus on 'Form, Fit & Function', the greatest challenges lie hidden in technology. This includes aspects such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), vibrations, shock resistance, and other climatic conditions that vehicles encounter. With our highly specific knowledge, we can implement precisely the measures necessary for a reliable system.

    We are system integrators and work closely with manufacturers, but we are not tied to any specific brand. This gives us freedom of choice in products and the ability to prioritize your needs. The result? Creative and innovative (customized) solutions that seamlessly align with the requirements of our clients.

    You can also involve us in maintenance programs for outdated or analog systems or technologies. Our expertise enables us to always find a suitable solution.

  • Digital signage

    Digital signage

    Digital Signage, also known as narrowcasting, is a unique form of communication. Information is transmitted to passengers via screens. This can be done on any vehicle, at any time, and the information is tailored specifically to travelers. In addition to the standard passenger information systems already familiar in vehicles, our package offers additional possibilities. Think of transit information, news updates, promotions, and other (advertising) messages.

    Displaying content on screens in vehicles is very easy to organize. You have all the tools at your disposal to design a powerful campaign. Choose images or videos, save the campaign, and immediately send the content to one or multiple vehicles, route numbers, or geographic areas. The system is so user-friendly that anyone can use it.

  • Passenger WiFi

    Passenger WiFi

    Passengers have high expectations for connectivity. Alphatron Security Automotive pays close attention to this and delivers high-quality Passenger WiFi solutions. Work, browse the internet, and check emails.

    Traveling on public transport gives you time! It provides passengers with the opportunity to read a book, chat with fellow passengers, or simply relax. More and more, travel time is used to read the news online, answer important emails, or do online shopping. Access to a reliable and stable internet connection enhances passenger satisfaction.

    On board vehicles, visual communication systems are becoming more prevalent. Like Passenger WiFi, these systems require a reliable internet connection. Alphatron Security Automotive closely collaborates with various providers and has created a creative concept where all subsystems are connected to one mobile gateway. Efficient, isn't it?

  • Vehicle Connectivity

    Vehicle Connectivity

    Connectivity is a crucial component in the development of public transportation. When vehicles and drivers are online, you can effectively manage your fleet's activities. Punctuality, availability, and passenger satisfaction all benefit from precise real-time operational data. This also leads to smoother maintenance procedures and improved cost management.

    Alphatron Security Automotive collaborates with major suppliers who possess the technological expertise and specialties required for this field. Together with you, we develop custom solutions tailored to your needs. We firmly believe that a successful concept arises from strong collaboration between the user and Alphatron.

  • Tracking


    Regardless of the size of your vehicle fleet, it's essential to always track the location of your vehicles. With the integrated tracking functionality in our systems, vehicle locations are fully and easily accessible in the Security Management System.

    The number of applications utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) for location determination has significantly increased in recent years, and almost everyone uses it in their mobile phones for location services. We specifically utilize GPS for location data, speed, standstill detection, route tracing, and providing accurate arrival times. This information is intuitively displayed on high-resolution maps in the security management system, optionally with live or historical camera footage from the respective vehicle.

    In practice, drivers are very positive about its use. Their work becomes safer, easier, and more efficient.

The specialized system integrator in Mobility

Alphatron Security Automotive is the specialized system integrator for visual communication systems in mobility. Our solutions in visual communication and observation are visible among service providers in mobility. We strive for perfect integration and precise alignment with the needs of our clients. That makes us unique! We are not brand-dependent, but very selective. Therefore, we only work with innovative and proven technology from our partners!