Everything works better together

Those who look closely will increasingly see the fingerprint of Alphatron a red dot on advanced equipment. We strive for perfect integration and alignment with the needs of our clients. That makes us unique!

  • City Surveillance

    City Surveillance

    In the implementation of camera surveillance in public spaces, many stakeholders are involved, from observers in the control center to residents who have a camera mounted on their facade.

  • Industry


    In industrial and logistical environments, our systems are used for security and process automation. Alphatron develops tailor-made solutions for these specialized environments.

  • Traffic


    For camera systems on highways, parking garages, tunnels, bridges, and locks, you've come to the right place with us. Our colleagues have an impressive track record and are here to assist you with advice, design, implementation, management, and maintenance. Ensuring maximum system availability is our top priority!

  • Maritime


    We offer camera observation systems optimized for the maritime sector. We're also the right choice for the maintenance of existing analog camera systems!

  • Healthcare


    In addition to the use of cameras in healthcare facilities to prevent or detect crimes, various other applications of video surveillance are relevant in healthcare.