Everything works better together

Placing the patient at the center is the goal of every healthcare professional. However, in practice, this can be challenging to achieve. Different specialties, systems, and software often fail to integrate effectively. Yet, they share many commonalities. By connecting these similarities, you harness the full power of collaboration. That's why, at Alphatron Medical, we also collaborate with healthcare providers. Only through this collaboration can we achieve solutions that work for everyone.

We analyze workflows and advise on the optimal setup of departments and applications. From design to maintenance, we work together every step of the way. This ensures that everything functions well, both now and in the future. Because better healthcare benefits everyone. That's why we handle design, development, and service in-house, and we continue to assist until everything operates as it should.

  • Workware: improving IT-workspaces

    Workware: improving IT-workspaces

    Taking good care of yourself allows you to better care for your patients. That's why we take care of healthcare providers. With fixed and mobile workstations seamlessly integrated into the work environment, we intelligently streamline every step of the process. Drawing from over 25 years of experience in hospital nursing and collaboration with nurses, we have developed an in-house mobile care station as an ideal solution for registration, medication management, and measurements. It eliminates unnecessary steps from the process, enabling nurses to work faster, smarter, and safer.

  • Pharmacy: automating medication workflows

    Pharmacy: automating medication workflows

    Ensuring the correct medication is dispensed as safely and efficiently as possible is the daily mission for healthcare professionals. However, in practice, this doesn't always go smoothly. Medications expire, are forgotten, or administered incorrectly. Alphatron Medical empowers healthcare professionals to regain control. Together, we reduce the manual labor, waste, shortages, errors, time, and costs in healthcare. The medication workflow truly becomes smarter when integrating smart pharmacy cabinets, medication carts, and the Electronic Patient Record (EPR). And that's exactly what we've done!

    LED lights guide you safely to the right medication for the right patient, preventing errors, saving time and money, ensuring your inventory is always accurate, and avoiding unnecessary waste of expensive medications. This is great news for hospitals and patients alike. All medications are automatically correct at all times, with every change and addition. Plus, medications are securely stored and accessible only to authorized healthcare staff.