Success of the mission

The defense industry plays a significant and crucial role in national security. This mission is supported not only by the defense staff but also by suppliers who work tirelessly every day. To successfully accomplish this mission day in and day out, good coordination and collaboration are essential. The added value of Add-Mission lies in enabling and improving mutual understanding, as well as knowing what is required from all parties involved.

  • Serving those who <br>protect us

    Serving those who
    protect us

    For Add-Mission, national security is a great priority, and we are wholeheartedly committed to contributing to it. Every day, hard work and dedication are put in to ensure that we are safe and feel secure. This mission calls for innovative and high-quality products so that this work can be carried out effectively. The goal of Add-Mission is to provide the right equipment for those who keep us safe on a daily basis. This includes communication systems, electromagnetic-resistant products, and other accessories. We ensure that all involved defense personnel who keep us safe have the right equipment to perform their work as effectively as possible.

  • Adding value

    Adding value

    Within defense, everyone has a mission to fulfill. To accomplish this mission, many links must come together and function. However, this collaboration brings challenges because each individual approaches the mission from their own link or specialty. This can hinder successful cooperation. Removing these obstacles, understanding what is asked or needs to be done, contributes to the successful completion of the mission. This is where Add-Mission excels. We help you successfully complete your mission.

  • Connecting buyers <br>and suppliers

    Connecting buyers
    and suppliers

    Successfully delivering the right products, at the right time, with the right specifications requires product and system knowledge, as well as understanding of the market and good relationships with suppliers. Add-Mission knows the market and has the right contacts to purchase the right product for you. For example, we can identify the right manufacturer and product for you based on NATO Stock Numbers. This way, we always find a suitable solution for you to complete your mission.