Four divisions, one mentality

Alphatron has four divisions. Our expertise covers a wide range of highly specialised fields in which communication, observation, navigation and logistics are crucial. Our product is technology, but it is often our technical support and service which attract our customers to us. Irrespective of the complexity of a given problem, the solution should be as simple as possible. At the same time, our motivation is to satisfy the customer's exact requirements and resist the temptation to compromise by implementing "off the peg" or near solutions. In other words, we can be the inventor, the co-maker or a fast and reliable vendor, whatever the requirement may be. In Alphatron, customers will always find a partner that listens, collaborates and provides a solution that works. The human touch in technology: that is what Alphatron stands for.

Alphatron Security


Alphatron Security are consultants and specialists in the development and application of Video- and Securitymanagement systems for the security and observation of spatial environments, people, buildings and industrial processes. Alphatron Security is driven by the continuous ambition to develop systems that are unique in the industry with creativity, knowledge and drive.


Alphatron Security Automotive

Alphatron Security Automotive is a specialist in visual communication and observation systems for Automotive and Rolling Stock applications. For major transport companies we offer comprehensive solutions to improve the safety, hospitality and services for travellers and personnel. 

Alphatron Medical

Digitisation plays a vital role in the improvement of "quality of care" in Dutch hospitals. The Netherlands is a leader in this field. As a pioneer, Alphatron Medical Systems has created and continues to develop innovative solutions to enhance the safety of patients and the efficiency of medical staff. A typical example is the AMiS, a multifunctional, mobile care workplace with a sophisticated system to reduce the risk of medical errors. Customers consider this the most flexible and furure- proof system on the market today.

Alphatron Marine

For years Alphatron Marine has been a renowned supplier of integrated bridge solutions, representative of the most important brands in the industry and producer of unique complementary products, thereby enhancing the safety of the ship and its crew in increasingly busier shipping lanes whilst boosting fuel efficiency. Our intensive collaboration with specialist shipyards and shipowners, along with our desire to respond even better to their needs, resulted in the development of our own products. Our teams consist of the best professionals in the field of development, design, engineering, and commerce. With the full support of our other offices around the world, we bring quality and innovation to users, operators, and shipyards, and we change the future of ship and land communication and navigation. One company, one team; we create ideas that change the maritime world. With a team that can scale up and gets things done, that collaborates, support and tackles problems fast. A team that helps you look ahead where others cannot.