A committed team

Alphatron was established at the end of the 1970s as a sole proprietorship. It grew to become the Rotterdam-based multinational it is today. Developing, producing and trading in electronics through specialised divisions for the shipping, broadcasting, security, Defence, medical and industry sectors. Alphatron has more than 300 employees across more than 25 branches on four continents. The headquarters are in Rotterdam, on the River Maas next to the Van Brienenoord bridge.

Keep what you promise

Shortly after it was established in 1979 in Rotterdam, Alphatron quickly gained ground in the competitive market of electronic equipment on the basis of a simple precept: deliver what you promise. The red dot that can often been seen on sophisticated equipment is the Alphatron fingerprint. Behind this red dot is a highly committed team of more than 300 employees that listens to the customer, focuses on solutions and has a real sense of responsibility.

Alphatron's management consists of a creative team of entrepreneurs who inspire and keep each other alert, and all of whom are motivated to build lasting relationships with customers and the creation of long-term solutions.