We like to innovate
for our customers

Take a good look around and you will see increasingly more modern equipment bearing the Alphatron fingerprint -the red dot. The red dot can be found on city street cameras, above motorways, on the radar equipment on all types of ships, worldwide in television studio's, and on instrument displays in hospitals. Our red dot can also be found, discreetly marked, on the countless communication devices and peripheral equipment that are vital to various industries, including aviation and Defence. Our customers rely on the technological solutions and high-spec electronics that Alphatron provides in all these fields, and where is a need for equipment that does not yet exist; we are eager to innovate for our customers. By carefully listening and responding to their needs, we give our technology the human touch.

  • Alphatron Security

    Alphatron Security is consulting and specialist in developing and applying solutions for the security and observation. Master of Video and Security Management

  • Alphatron Security Automotive

    Alphatron Security Automotive is a specialist in visual communication and observation systems for Automotive and Rolling Stock applications.

  • Alphatron Medical

    Alphatron Medical Systems offers innovative solutions that enhance patient safety and efficient operation. 

  • Alphatron Marine

    Alphatron Marine delivers high-spec navigation and communication equipment to shipyards and shipowners, innovating constantly. 

Meet Alphatron

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