Investing in development

Product innovations and service improvements don’t just happen by themselves. They happen when employees are fully committed to what they are doing, listening carefully to what the customer needs and have the scope to turn new ideas into solutions that actually work. We give our employees that scope. Each individual Alphatron employee contributes to the success of our customers. At Alphatron we want our people to do what they are good at.

Alphatron Marine workplace where our ergonomic  ship’s bridge is assembled. Alphatron’s own training centre for electronic map systems.

Internal training centre and study fund
Alphatron has well trained technicians with years of knowledge and practical experience. Our employees keep their knowledge up to date by following intensive product training at our manufacturers. We also keep up with the latest technical developments trough trade fairs, training, journals and social media. Alphatron Marine has it's own training centre, which is specialised in training both internal and external technical and nautical specialists. We have empathy with the sometimes complex reality of our customers. At Alphatron we consider it important that our people can achieve their aspirations. We have also introduced a study fund for the children of our employees.

Versatile and independent jobs
Alphatron personnel are enthusiastic, flexible thinkers and "doers" that cannot categorised by a single label and are creative in their solutions. Within our company there are employees of different nationalities and levels. Many have a technical background and often specific practical experience in the markets of our customers. At Alphatron a logistics employee can get to become a divisional director and member of the management team. Practice bears this out.

What is it like working at Alphatron?Colleagues can be characterised by their honesty. They communicate directly, are realistic in their promises and always focus on the person who has to implement the solution. There is an entrepreneurial culture in which Alphatron employees feel personally responsible for the end result. The office doors are usually open. CEO Dick Slingerland attaches great value to welcoming newcomers personally and invites them to do what they are best at doing, ensuring that customers are always satisfied.