Our own brand, the red dot

For thirty years we have been importing high-quality products from leading manufacturers worldwide, some of who have become reliable partners in innovation in that time. However, it often proved simply impossible to get our customers everything they wanted. So Alphatron decided to develop it's own, flexible product range.

Alphatron stands for the supply of effective, comprehensive solutions with equipment of the highest quality and a stylist, ergonomic design. These comprehensive solutions begin with knowing our customers and understanding the problems they encounter. It is the result of intensive collaboration with our highly valued, innovative customers. We develop the products in our own innovation centres or at manufacturers at home or abroad, with Alphatron being responsible for the final result.

Alphatron Broadcast developed an Electronic Viewfinder and follows forums for user experiences. Alphatron Marine developed the multi-command chair to supplement our ergonomic ship’s bridge.

Our showrooms offer customers the opportunity to see and experience our products and integrated systems first hand. This "hands on" exposure can provide the customer with confidence in his product choice. In addition to the delivery, installation and commissioning of our products, we offer operator training, either on-site at the customer or in our training centre where simulators are used for practical exercises. Finally, the red dot stands for excellent support and service. With our human touch in technology, we ensure that the customer can always rely on our equipment. If the customer has any problems with the equipment or components, our worldwide network ensures that we can quickly be on the spot to solve them.